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Getting Started?
Once you have created your TasQ account, follow this guide to set up your account.

  1. Setup Time zone and Operating Hours Settings under Company Information of Settings.
  2. Set Default Record Time Tracking rate under Service & Inventory so when your teams are on site, one click on start time tracking,Q6 Job Service will calculate the charge based on the default rate.
  3. Invite staff, set their access level and generate login details.
  4. Download the mobile app to your smartphone, available on both Android and iOS.
  5. Then, enjoy Real-time office-to-field connectivity, pick up the phone, get the job registered, then assign it to one of your nearest engineers.


Developer Center for TasQ

TasQ Video library: How-to videos

Learn how to use TasQ and get the most out of your software one step at a time with our in-depth how-to videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TasQ?

TasQ is a perfect software for service and project management. It can help to simplify your workflow schedule with ease and efficiency, and even invoice right after job completion. With TasQ, your service-based business has found an effective tool to manage every order, job, tasks, invoices, payments, and staff, and more, which will give your business profit a boost. In TasQ, with its super smooth efficiency and smart job scheduling, you may see the big picture by clicking deeper through. TasQ can help you easily schedule site engineers and inventory, and keep track of every job, every task, and every site engineer from day to day work. Site engineers can find out all information about the job, and issue invoice, then receive payment all on site seamlessly.

Do I need any extra hardware or software installation?

As TasQ is a cloud based online accounting solution, so it is not necessary to set up any extra hardware or software on your computer. However, site engineers may need to install the mobile app into their mobile device to be updated with jobs. TasQ Mobile apps are available both in IOS app Store and Google Play Store

How do I backup my data on TasQ?

There is no need for you to back up your own data. Your data is backed up daily and all backups are stored in our secured server.

Can I create, edit jobs and gets paid on site through mobile device?

Yes, TasQ Mobile app is designed to suit all the needs of field workers, and allows them to create, update, and edit job schedules, issue invoices right after job completions and even get paid straightway.

Can TasQ locate real time location for each field worker?

Yes, every time a field worker opens their mobile app to check job status or update job progress, TasQ app will send back their real time location back to admin office. So the administrator who is working on TasQ web end will find out each worker’s location and dispatch jobs accordingly.

Can TasQ send automated SMS messages to clients?

Absolutely yes. TasQ has customised settings on SMS, Notifications and Emails. A user may design a customised template based on their industry needs. And message sending options also allows a user to pre-set the sending timing.

Is there leave option in TasQ ?

Yes. When a team member is in leave status, a central admin may apply the leave days to grey out the team member, to avoid allocating jobs to unavailable team members.

Are you able to limit User Access?

Yes, you can limit user access level by choosing User Role under Company Settings. Permissions can be set per user.

Can invoices generated in TasQ be synced to accounting software?

Sure. TasQ is currently integrated with , and Q6 Cloud Accounting, which will reduce costs spent on manual data entry and eliminate monotonous repetitive tasks by using Data Feed’s seamless automation for extracting your business data through TasQ integration.

How secure and reliable are data saved in TasQ ?

TasQ is secure, backed-up, 24/7 accessible cloud-based software, and best choice for field service businesses in need of flexible scheduling software. TasQ offers absolute peace of mind to our clients, as it provides added security with data encryption, password protection, and backups through our dedicated servers. We apply security patches to keep our software up to date. We also support brisk navigation.