With the built-in payment options in TasQ mobile applications, site engineers can collect payments as soon as a job is completed. Use TasQ for prompt, accurate invoicing and get paid what you are owed within seconds. It is as easy as completing a job, confirming the materials, labour and services, invoicing and processing a payment on-site.

Mobile Payment Processing
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No more late-night invoice processing, you will have a professional invoice emailed to your client in seconds. With the TasQ mobile app (ios/Android), engineers can invoice customers before they even leave the site, and with TasQ Mobile Payment Processing, your client can pay by credit card on the spot. Major credit cards supported.

Benefits of Mobile Payment Processing for Field Service

Real-time payments – On-site mobile payment processing shortens the payment processing time enabling you to receive money faster.
Streamline the payment process – By eliminating the need for mailed invoices, field workers can use their mobile phone app to capture payments and complete the jobs
Less work for administrative staff – No need to go through a messy paper trail to chase unpaid payments, with TasQ your field staff can process the payments on the spot.
Mobile payments are safer and secure.

Getting started with On-site Payments

Once a job is completed, the field worker can show the invoice to the customer, get their approval, and signature and even capture a photo evidence of the completed task, and proceed with payment.

Mobile Payment Processing offers your customers a seamless experience, allowing them to complete payments without ever leaving your site.

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